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 V O L V E R   A L   T I M B Ó 

( B A C K   T O   T H E    T I M B O* )

Connect with Nature


Volver al Timbó´s purpose is to connect people with nature.


Urban life makes us spend a great part of our time indoors. Recent scientific studies reveal to us that keeping away from nature entails damages such as stress, anxiety, excessive thinking and lack of creativity, among others.

On the other hand, an increasing number of scientific studies inform us about the benefits of contacting with nature for our physical, emotional and mental health.

Volver al Timbó is an invitation to  return to nature, to discover the benefits of contacting with nature even while we are in the city.

To achieve this, Volver al Timbó  proposes nature connection "outdoors" and "indoors" experiences for groups of people in companies, organizations and cultural and educational institutions:

Volver al Timbó  refers to my memories of the native tree that I used to climb with my grandfather as a guide, which symbolizes my daily process of connecting with nature.

 Timbó:  Native Southamerican tree of  majestic presence, popularly  known as "Black ear" for the particular form and colour of its fruits.  Besides, Timbó, in guarani language, means vapor or smoke.

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